Wuthering Heights – Emily Brontë Book Review

Wuthering Heights by Emily Brontë

Every once in a while I will take the time to read a classic piece. I also useful to read  if  I want to read a version of the novel that is being rewritten with a modern twist.

Wuthering Heights by Emily Brontë – Book Review by Veronica

Wuthering Heights is a love story about Heathcliff and Catherine. The smoldering passion that Heathcliff feels for Catherine in this novel is off the chart. The story line is an unconventional love story, Emily Brontë deviated from the normal love story that does not takes place hear and now. The love that the couple feels exists on a completely different plane the best part of Heathcliff’s and Catherine love story will take part after death. Heathcliff’s and Catherines`s  existence is based solely on just passing time till death, then they will be reunited. The two lovers have such a longing to be together after death that on Heathcliffs  death bed his eyes where focused and gleaming because he knew he would be with his true love. If every there was a man to set the standard high for other men it would be Heathcliffs.

Here are a few pieces in the novel that made my heart skip

Heart broken after Catherine death Heathcliff begs- She may take any form, he says, and even drive him mad—as long as she stays with him.

After Catherine death – Heathcliff requires that the sexton heed his special instructions ‘concerning the two coffins.  So that his and Catherine’s meeting will not be spoiled the sexton was to remove the side of the coffin now in prepration so that he could be placed beside Catherine facing her and they would mingle as one with the earth.

Finally declaration to his undying love is when Heathcliff is on his death bed dying he quotes, – I tell you. I have nearly attained my heaven.

Heathcliff’s and Catherines met as children. Heathcliff a poor boy with no social standings. Falls madly in love with Catherine who only wishes to marry a man for social standing, Heathcliff is poor. Catherine afraid to deviate from what society deems an acceptable  end up marring  Edgar a proper gentlemen. In her own way I believe she did love Edgar.  But not to the depth which she loves Heathcliff. In one section she says “ she also states that she loves Heathcliff as though they shared the same soul. After she marries Edgar which in turns drives Heathcliff crazy, and he becomes ruthless in his pursuit of ruining Edgar, and Edgar and Catherine’s daughter. No object is sacred in his pursuit for revenge not even using his own son.

Heathcliff behaves cruelly, he is  devious, heartless toward many of the other characters in the novel. Yet reading this you can see he does it out of the pain of his love for Catherine.  It’s hard not to feel pity for him and at the same time a sorrow for the people that he is abusing.

 Book Cover

A country gentleman returns one night to his isolated and unforgiving home with a gypsy child tucked under his cloak. Treated as an animal, the child Heathcliff grows up twisted and wild. But he and the daughter of the house, Catherine, are inseparable and love each other like they were one being. When they grow up and Catherine wishes to enter the society which Heathcliff cannot, the lives of everyone around them are destroyed in the rending. Only the generation to follow them contains the seeds of hope and reconstruction.

The narrative structure of Wuthering Heights was highly innovative and original when the novel was first published. Emily Brontë played with the assumptions that a story is told chronologically and that a narrator is honest.

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