Salad In a Jar

Salad in a jar

Make these salad in the jar to promote better eating habits. They are, easy, and visually they are appealing.  Having them on hand in the refrigerator makes it convenient and less likely to go for junk food.

We are on that eating health kick again. You know the one where you try to eat healthy for a while then you fall back into old habits. Fortunately I always have one of the good habits stay with me so it worth it I feel these salads in a jar will work well.

It’s so much easier to get in shape if your organized and well prepared. I thought these handy jars would make lunches easier.
With summer just around the corner, we all want to shed our winter padding, and get in shape. My husband is no exception,  ( not that he has much to lose) but he is looking forward to his bike trips and entering a couple of running races I thought I would help him out by preparing a couple of these salads.  I saw the salad in a jar on Pinterest, and thought, what a wonderful idea.
I made four for my husband.
Day 1. He came home from work and complained he couldn’t eat it out of the jar he needed a plate. Day 2. He had a container to put it in, but he said it was too difficult to get the salad out of the jar .
Day 3. He said the weight of the his fruit jar and salad and his coffee,  laptop and everything else he, had to carry on his commute was just too much weight, so  he dumped the  salad into a Tupperware container before leaving for work. Well! It was worth the try. My sister tried it and loved it now most of her co workers are trying it.


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