Quick sponge cake with fresh Fruit Dessert

Sponge cake with fresh fruits

Sponge Cake

These sponge cake desserts are wonderful dessert for those times that you need something sweet. I always have them in the freezer just in case we have unexpected guests. There are 6 in a pack and you can take out two at a time, and leave the rest in the freezer. I can make dessert in under 10 minutes by cutting up what fruits I have.  I use the kids yogurt that I always have for school lunches. My husband prefers to use ice cream instead of yogurt if we have it.  I add a bit of chocolate sauce or caramel sauce that we always have in the refrigerator.






Sponge cake with fruits

This was made with fruits I had available.This particular time I had a lot. Usually I only have a few.

  • kiwi
  • raspberry
  • grapes
  • cantaloupe
  • banana
  • slice almonds
  • vanilla yogurt
  • chocolate sauce

This is also the first time I used almond slices but, it adds to the presentation.

Sponge Cake with fruit


This has the chocolate and Camel sauce my husband, has a difficult time choosing sometimes.
Even if you only have two fruits it still turns out well.

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