Pinwheel windmill

How to Make a Paper Pinwheel Windmill


DIY make your own handheld paper pinwheel windmill.
Follow these instructions on how to make a  paper pinwheel windmill.  Great to put in your garden. An easy project for kids to take out on a windy day. Try substituting a hard plastic by using the back of a Duo-Tang to make a plastic one for your garden.



Cut out two 9 inch squares each a different color


This one we decided to try foil paper.
Fold squares so they form a triangle. Then fold triangle again to form a x with the folds.
Fold both sheets
Open square to see two fold lines crisscrossing in the center. With the ruler, mark about 1 1/2 inch
from center on each fold line. With scissors cut on each fold line stopping at the mark.
Apply glue to one sheet.
Place the 2nd sheet on top of the glue to form one sheet.
 Hold the point of one section bend it over so it touches the center. Hold it in place with a dab of glue or use pin to hold all in the center or use tape. Use a  thumbtack to hold it in place in the center.
Carefully stick the thumbtack through a eraser of a pencil, or a straw or in our case a chop stick.
Now your ready to blow on your pinwheel.

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