How to apply Perfume

How to apply Perfume

Applying perfume can be an art form there is a proper way and a wrong way. In this article you will learn about the art of perfuming the body. Perfume is an accessory for the skin. It is your personal signature.  The perfume you choose to wear, acts as a trigger in the memory  of the person that smells it.  Making the  wearer impossible to forget, years later your  smell should evoke a pleasurable memory.  The key to applying perfume is subtlety, the person should have to lean in to smell you, then you  know you have applied it correctly, keep in mind,  close proximity,   a kiss on the check or a casual hug.

Start with a clean base

The first things to remember when applying perfume is to start with a clean base.  On the inside and outside. If you have been  eating  copious amounts  of garlic and curry your glands will be filled with that scent.  And no matter how much perfume you put on the your skin will have that base scent.

Do not layer scents

All body products should be the same scent don’t bombard people with dozens of scents. Some people like to layer scents but it doesn’t always work out.  If you must, try mixing a tangy citrus with a floral scent to create a sensual bouquet.

How to apply perfume

Fragrance should be sprayed on clean damp skin. The scent will absorb better when the skin is slightly damp, so apply  just after showering. Most people say spray the air then step into it. Personally I find that a waste of perfume. To avoid spraying too much on your skin, hold the bottle 5 inches away from your body, then spray your body. If you spray too much, apply a little rubbing alcohol on a cotton swab to remove it.

Where to apply Perfume

Traditionally the most common area to apply perfume is to the pulse points. The fluctuation of the temperature of your body will allow the fragrance to release the scent slowly.

Pulse Points location

Just above the temple, on the sides of the head.
Side of the neck below the jaw in the back
It is located on the inside of the arm above the elbow
The wrist
Groin is located , in the inside front of the leg where it joins the pelvic.
It is located on the foot behind the ankles
It is located on the top of the foot.

When not to apply perfume to pulse points

Fragrance should not be applied to pulse points if its a hot day or you are prone to sweating. The fragrance will mingle with your sweat and no longer have the desired effect. Another area to not apply perfume is to areas that have large amounts of folds of fat. When sweat and perfume are mingled together it gives the impression that you are trying to cover up the smell of your sweat. Effective places to apply perfume that tend not to sweat as much are  tummy, upper arm. behind your calf’s in your hair.  Avoid putting a lot of perfume in your hair you don’t want the alcohol in the perfume drying it out. You can also apply perfume on your clothes.

Applying perfume for seduction

Perfume can play an intricate role in seduction, the French have used it for years. First choose a scent that you love, something that is an extension of you.  Do not choose a scent that is popular, you want something so unique and intoxicating that even after your gone it will remind him of you.  Practice the art of seduction by perfuming your  body. Do not spray your entire body, your goal is to draw him in bit by bit  leaving a  sensual path of scent down your body. Starting by spraying a bit in your hair brush, then brush it into your hair. Later each movement of your hair will leave a subtle wake that will draw him in. Then create a  path from your head to your feet.  Apply a touch behind your neck. Next spritz under breast, dab your belly button, and above the knee, finish it off spraying the top of your feet. In the words of Christian Dior- Perfume is a mark of female identity and the final touch of her style.

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