Vision Board

Have Clear Defined Goals


It’s a new year and as usual most of us have some pretty ambition goals we want to reach.

For me it’s a constant battle to improve my life.

The first thing I see upon waking is my vision board.

My vision board has places I would like to visit, dresses I would like to fit into; It’s the life I would like to have.

Get In Shape

Looking at my vision board you will notice the “The domestic goddess” in print on my board. I want to emulate Martha Stuart and Angelia Jolie rolled into one.

I would like to cook real delicious healthy meals for my family. I would like my home to be relatively clean for me, and comfortable for my husband.

I want my family and friends to feel they can stop by any time and to always have something freshly baked on had to offer.  On top of that I would like to rock a pair of jeans so well that my husband feels the need to touch my ass when I walk by. I know these are lofty goal, but it’s worth a try.

As  mother of two I find that keeping the house clean is the most difficult thing. So I keep up on it and the kids are old enough to pick up after themselves and do a few chores.

Clean Home

On my board are pictures of me and my girlfriends, It’s really important to me occasional get together with them. I have picture of a family sitting down to eat dinner together, healthy food, and furniture I want. Affirmations are great for vision board. I have a few that really help me. Example: Make it happen! Start with a single step.

They say if you don’t write your goals down every day and review them then you won’t attain them. They need to be forefront in your mind what better way than to see them every day. So grab some old magazine and a bristle board and a stick of glue sit down with your girl friends and a nice glass of wine and start on it right now.

Remember once you decide on a goal you always should do one thing right away to commit to the goal. A vision board is a great first step.

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